Associated Publications

Botanical Review. Editor-in-Chief Dennis Wm. Stevenson. Quarterly journal available here.

Brittonia. Editor-in-Chief Benjamin M. Torke. Quarterly journal available here.

Economic Botany.  Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Robert Voeks, California State University. Managing Editor Dr. Brian M. Boom, The New York Botanical Garden. Co-Published by Springer and The New York Botanical Garden for The Society for Economic Botany. Quarterly journal available here. To subscribe to Economic Botany, or renew your subscription, please contact Springer Journals Customer Service here.



Ethnobotany of Pohnpei: Plants, People, and Island Culture. Edited by Michael J. Balick. Paperback available here.


Flora Illustrata: Great Works from the LuEsther T. Mertz Library of The New York Botanical Garden. Edited by Susan M. Fraser and Vanessa Bezemer Sellers. Hardcover available here.




Handbook of Poisonous and Injurious Plants. Second Edition. By Lewis S. Nelson, M.D., Richard D. Shih, M.D., and Michael J. Balick, Ph.D. Softcover and ebook available here.




Magnificent Trees of The New York Botanical Garden. Photographer Larry Lederman, Text by Todd Forrest, Foreward by Gregory Long. Hardcover available here.



Manual of Leaf Architecture. By Beth Ellis, Douglas C. Daly, Leo J. Hickey, John V. Mitchell, Kirk R. Johnson, Peter Wilf, and Scott L. Wing. Paperback available here.



Messages from the Gods: A Guide to the Useful Plants of Belize. By Michael J. Balick and Rosita Arvigo. Hardcover  available here.  Please click here to read a book review by Wendy Applequist in Economic Botany 70(2). Winner of the 2018 Mary W. Klinger Book Award from the Society of Economic Botany, an annual award that is given to an outstanding book published in the discipline of Economic/Ethno Botany.




Palau Primary Health Care Manual: Health Care in Palau: Combining Conventional Treatments and Traditional Uses of Plants for Health and Healing. By Dr. Stephen M. Dahmer and Dr. Michael J. Balick. Paperback and Kindle version available here.



Palms of Southern Asia. By Andrew Henderson. Hardcover and ebook available here.

Pohnpei Primary Health Care Manual: Health Care in Pohnpei, Micronesia; Traditional Uses of Plants for Health and Healing. By Roberta Lee, M.D., Nieve Shere, L. Ac., Michael J. Balick, Ph.D., Francisca Sohl, Andrew S. Roberts, Katherine Herrera, Stephen Dahmer, M.D., Min Lieskovsky, Alfred Dores, William Raynor, Pelihter Raynor, Elipiana Albert, Molly Hunt, Clay Trauernicht, Lisa Offringa, Irina Adam, and Wayne Law, Ph.D. Paperback available here.


Rainforest Remedies: 100 Healing Herbs of Belize. Second Enlarged Edition. By Rosita Arvigo and Michael J.Balick. Paperback available here.




The Amazon Várzea: The Decade Past and the Decade Ahead. Edited by Miguel Pinedo-Vasquez, Mauro L. Ruffino, Christine Padoch, and Eduardo S. Brondízio. Hardcover, softcover, and ebook available here.




The New York Botanical Garden. By Gregory Long and Todd Forrest. Hardcover available at NYBG Shop,or here.




Managing the Wild: Stories of People and Plants and Tropical Forests. By Charles M. Peters. Hardcover available at  NYBG Shop here. Paperback & Hardcover available at  Yale University Press here.

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