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Our discount applies to bookstores and book resellers. Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with campaign/promotional prices. If purchasing sale/combination items, the lower price will apply.

Orders that receive discounts must be placed directly with NYBG Press Customer Relations.These orders cannot be placed online through the e-commerce site. Please call 718.817.8721, and we will be happy to assist with your order.

We offer a 30% discount to bookstores and book resellers.










Image: Drawing of Martinez Compañon's "Mucumucu." From Biodiversity and Conservation of Neotropical Montane Forests: Proceedings of the Neotropical Montane Forest Biodiversity and Conservation Symposium, The New York Botanical Garden, 21–26 June 1993. Edited by S. P. Churchill, H. Balslev, E. Forero, and J. L. Luteyn. 


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