Author: Piero G. Delprete

Piero Giuseppe Delprete was born in a small town near Casale Monferrato, Piedmont, Italy, on 19 February 1958. He received his primary schooling in the same town, and obtained a diploma in Agrarian Studies at the Istituto Tecnico Agrario Galileo Ferraris at Vercelli (Italy) in 1979. He later frequented the Faculty of Forestal Sciences of the University of Turin, and worked as a research assistant in forestry at the Istituto di Sperimentazione per la Pioppicultura under the Ministry of Agriculture, Italy, from 1982 to 1986. He switched his career to tropical botany by completing his B.S. in Botany in 1990 at the University of California, Davis (USA) under the guidance of Dr. Grady Webster, and his Ph.D. in Botany at The University of Texas at Austin (USA) with Dr. Billie Turner as major professor. He then worked as assistant curator at The New York Botanical Garden (1996 -2003), as a visiting scientist at The National Herbarium of the Netherlands, Utrecht Branch (2004), and as professor and visiting scientist at The Federal University of Goi ás, Goi ânia, Brazil (2004-2008). Since 2009 he is the resident scientist at The Herbier de Guyane (CAY), UMR AMAP, Institut de Recherche pour le D éveloppement (IRD), Cayenne, French Guiana. He is contributing Rubiaceae treatments for Flora Neotropica Monographs, Flora Mesoamericana, Flora of Ecuador, Flora of the Guianas, Flora dos Estados de Goi ás e Tocantins (Brazil), Flora do Distrito Federal (Brazil), and floristic inventories in several South American countries. He collaborates with several teams on molecular biology, chemotaxonomy and plant/animal interactions, and he also studies the historical collections of several naturalists in the Neotropics. He has travelled widely throughout the tropical forests of most countries of Central and South America (particularly Brazil), the Greater Antilles (particularly Cuba), the Galapagos Islands, Africa, and the Philippines.

The Alibertia Group (Gardenieae–Rubiaceae)– Part 1 (Agouticarpa, Alibertia, Cordiera, Melanopsidium, Riodocea, and Stenosepala) (Flora Neotropica Monograph 119)
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The Alibertia Group (Gardenieae–Rubiaceae)– Part 1 (Agouticarpa, Alibertia, Cordiera, Melanopsidium, Riodocea, and Stenosepala) (Flora Neotropica Monograph 119)

The Alibertia group (Gardenieae–Rubiaceae) comprises 12 neotropical genera and about 110 species, a few of which extend to extra-tropical areas in southern Brazil, Paraguay, and northern Argentina. Six genera and 50 species are monographed: Agoutica...

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Rondeletieae (Rubiaceae) (Flora Neotropica Monograph 77)
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