Author: Robert B. Faden

Robert B. Faden is an Emeritus Research Botanist at the Smithsonian Institution. Education: Dr. Faden earned a B.S. cum laude in Biology, with special graduate honors in biology, June, 1962 at City College of New York (1958- 1962). He then went on to the University of Michigan (1962 -1965), receiving an M.S. in Botany, December, 1964. He continued on to complete his Ph.D. in Biology, December, 1975 at Washington University, St. Louis (1972-1975). His Dissertation title is, "A Biosystematic Study of the Genus Aneilema R. Br. (Commelinaceae)". His specialties and interests include the Commelinaceae (evolution, systematics, floristics, reproductive biology, anatomy, cytology), flora of Africa, African biogeography, reproductive biology, plant anatomy, and seed dimorphism.

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COMMELINACEAE: Dayflower & Spiderwort Family
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COMMELINACEAE: Dayflower & Spiderwort Family

COMMELINACEAE, the Dayflower & Spiderwort Family by Robert B. Faden & Christopher R. Hardy. Keywords: Commeliaceae, Commelina, Murdannia, Callisia, Tradescantia, Flora, Floristics, North America. the New Ma...

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